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B i o g r a p h y

Astrid Tveter is an educated musicanthropologist and pedagog with a Cand. Philol degree in ethnomusicology from NTNU Trondheim. Her thesis referred to Iranian art music in its cultural context, based on fieldwork she did in Iran in 1994.

Further she has traveled around in various countries and made recordings of their folkmusic. This formed the basis for her project for children to learn about music from around the world. `Tramp and Klapp` which was created in 2002.  

She also gives lessons in paino, singing and flute for the children involved in this group.


Astrid has held numerous courses in Trondheim, also in kindergartens, schools, museums and libraries.
Besides working as a piano teacher at the Trondheim Municipality Music School, she has written several music books and also gives  concerts occacionally. Currently she is working on a new project called; Ìn an hot air baloon over Palestine.`



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